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  • Canapes


  • Cheese Savoury Biscuits with various Toppings:
    Quail Egg/Prawn/Walnut/Olive/Anchovies/Gherkin etc
    Sweet Chilli Chicken Spoons
    Cheese Flutes
    Smoked Salmon Roulade
    Puff Pastry Crolines
    Asparagus Rolls
    Tiny Vol-au-Vents
    Blinis with Creme Freshe and Salmon and Dill
    Cream Cheese and Chive Pinwheels
    Pate and Pemento Pinwheels
    Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
    Melon and Parma Ham
    Choux Puffs with a Savoury filling
    Salami Cornets
    Cream Blue Cheese Celery Boats 
    Curried Egg Quarters
    Puff Pastry Savoury Horns
    Cocktail Chipolatas
    Crudities and Dips

    Served warm

    Devils on Horseback

    Tiny Hot Spring Rolls

    Spicy Meatballs with Mint Yoghurt Dip

    Butterfly Prawns

    Vol-au-Vents - various fillings

    Prunes rolled with Bacon

    Crab Cakes

    Manhattan Mushrooms

    Tiny Yorkshire pudding with Various Fillings

    Cod and Mushy Peas on Rosti Potato

    Cappuccino Cups of Soup